AWESOME!!! The Totally Ninjas! T-Shirts Now Available On Teepublic

Totally Ninjas Girl Power!AWESOME NEWS!!! The Totally Ninja T-Shirts are now available in the Altworld Teepublic Store!

By using Teepublic as my apparel printing source I can offer you all a larger choice of fabric colors and clothing styles, backed up with low pricing and super-fast delivery. It is a total WIN for you! PLUS I recommend you keep checking the Altworld Teepublic Store as I will adding more designs from Groot to Teddy Bears 🙂

About The Totally Ninjas

Meet Jo, Sam & Kris - Totally NinjasThese shirts feature the Jo, Sam & Kris; the Totally Ninja characters I invented a number of years ago, and then lost in an unfortunate catastrophic hard-drive accident involving a plate of spaghetti and a Battlestar Galactica rerun. Thankfully (with a huge thank you to a Rep at Vistaprint) I was able to locate an older color version of these characters buried deep in my Vistaprint image library.

Now the Totally Ninjas can be reproduced as shirts, and maybe even a comic – if I can squeeze it in between all my other comic book work. I think the Totally Ninjas are an exciting set of characters to share with you, I hope you like them. Now get your Ninja on in the Altworld Teepublic Store Today!

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