Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Never Give In

Art (Never Give In) by Solar-CitrusA common thing I hear from up and coming artists is, ‘I will never be good enough,’ or ‘my art sucks.’ When I am at conventions I hear it all the time, I have artists, that haven’t made the same leap as me, come to my table and say it to my face; leaving me at times a loss for words (I mean have you seen my work?). I cannot supply a quick fix, because there is no quick fix, all I can offer is the same advice of keep going. Some times it feels the biggest issue is that in today’s culture everyone is looking for that shortcut to make it happen now… Instant gratification… 

It Don’t Work That Way…

Sadly drawing, like writing, playing music or anything in the creative arts, and to be honest really anything in life, you only get better with practice… BY DOING! And by in large you are going to suck for a very long time, even if you have a natural talent. Because like exercise you only get stronger if you work out. You have to commit and never… EVER… Give in…

I know I have a long, long way to go… But with every drawing, with every line, concept or medium I get a little better… I get a little stronger. This cartoon by Solar Citrus aka Colleen Butters called ART sums up the creative soul struggle perfectly.

ART by Solar Citrus aka Colleen Butters

Remember, this advice from Kevin Smith, ‘It costs nothing to encourage an artist, and the potential benefits are staggering.’ You can view Kevin Smith’s advice over on Zenpencils.com

So encourage the creative in your family, it is not silly, stupid or a waste of time. But a route to free the soul from everyday burden.


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