The Very Last Calvin And Hobbes Story

The Last Calvin And Hobbes StoryOn December 31st, 1995 the very last Calvin and Hobbes story was syndicated and these two friends went into legendary status as one of the best cartoon strips ever published. Even now it resonates and attracts new fans, such was the power of Bill Watterson’s story of innocence and wonder.

Calvin And Hobbes Colored With Inktense Pencils

Calvin And Hobbes – Drawn By Nick Davis

This very last cartoon strip marked the end of stellar eight year run that started in April 1987. But, was this the end of story of Calvin and Hobbes? Readers of course clamored for more. Fans of the work stepped up, with web cartoonists Pants Are Overrated doing a fine job with the limited Hobbes And Bacon strips they produced – featuring a much older Calvin, his wife Susie and their daughter Bacon who is introduced to Hobbes.

Such is the influence Calvin and Hobbes had on me I was inspired to draw my own limited run cartoon called Unconditional Hugs, about a Teddy Bear and his Boy, and while I have a long way to go to perfect my storytelling skills in a four panel format, it was an education and a joy to explore this story telling format.

Unconditional Hugs The Tale Of A Teddy Bear And His Boy - Up, Up And Away!

Below is another fan imagined ending of Calvin and Hobbes written and drawn by Raging Pencils (Formerly the Far Left Side)… Be warned it is a tear jerker…

The Very Last Calvin And Hobbes Story

The Very Last Calvin And Hobbes Story

The Very Last Calvin And Hobbes Story

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