A Father’s Love

My Sons, My Daughter, My Father And Me At Niagara FallsIt was not until I became a Father did I learn,
the weight of responsibility it brings.
Only then did I see what my Father did for me.

It means sacrifice, humility, patience and pain.
A shield against your child’s world,
you take the hit, deflect the blow, protect,
always protect…
You live to see that smile,
the laugh, the hug, and the moment of connection.
To see them win,
to carry them across the finishing line,
to help them unlock their potential…

One day perhaps when you are grown we will sit down and talk,
for even when I am locked away from you,
barred by paper bounds, thoughtless actions,
words that seek to control, to limit,
that have no sense other than to feed a lie,
but control so much…
That will take away my means to help and embrace you.

I hope you know…

While my heart still beats I will never stop fighting for your happiness…

That I love you…


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