Anniversary Unobserved – Fifteen Year Anniversary Of My Immigration In The USA

Why I Made The Journey

Why I Made The Journey

Wow… As of August 8th, 2000 approx 7.02pm I arrived tired, a little disoriented with a suitcase and carry-on bag, (the other bag was delayed and was to be lost for the next two weeks), at New York JFK.

My flight had arrived late, I had missed my connection and I still had another 10 hours ahead of me before I would finally arrive at my destination of Philadelphia, then another 2 hour drive to Wilkes-Barre, PA. This was the start of my immigration journey in the USA. I had arrived to start a new life, a new adventure in a strange, strange land where it turns out everything was much more different from I thought it would be. This day in history a new journey began… Adventure ahead!

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