Writing Without Fear – To Make Your Story Work Sometimes You Have To Discard Everything

Hero Ted 2.0Hero Ted has got an upgrade, with a smoother style and clean lines I have finally arrived at a character I feel that works, fits my art style and I am comfortable drawing to reboot the Hero Ted comic the second Teddy Bear Tales book that I will be creating as artist and writer.

As you know a couple of days ago I reviewed the art I had done for Hero Ted, my upcoming early reader comic and decided I had to change it. The story and the art were just not working. As a Creator this was a huge step to take, I had committed to story and had drawn, and colored the art for three of the comics pages. Turning around, looking at it with a critical eye and then discarding it took a lot of strength

It Will Do… Just Wont Do…

To often as we create we fall into the trap of making it just okay, saying it will do because we are tired, or have created numerous pages based on the older work. The hardest thing for any Creator, especially an Indie Creator is to be self-critical, especially with existing work already in the bank, then having the courage to change direction and discard what has been done. But we must.

Hero Ted Origins - First Page

Stories sometimes don’t work, the idea maybe very solid and you can at times write your way out and make it work, however you can also write yourself into a creative corner lose direction. I found this with the first script I wrote for Hero Ted, it was an origin story, standard Superhero fair, but it was not working.

Was it the art? Well… I had elected to draw it in my scratchy E.H Shepard ink style, not the cleanest style to draw an early reader comic in. Was it the story? It was an origin story, as a kid they excited me, but would it excite the audience I want to release the book into? Did they really need to know where the character came from to enjoy him?

I had two possible negatives, these red flags caused me to reexamine the work I had already done, and come to a hard decision.

Not Good Enough

Hero Ted as he existed, while exciting as character, had a really boring story to introduce him to his audience. The concept of early ready comics is visually pleasing, while light on narrative and the current comic as it stood did not meet this standard. I had to do the hardest thing a Creator ever has to do… Rethink the story.

This is the hardest thing you can do, your effectively abandoning your first notes, concepts, maybe half a book to start afresh. You must be prepared to do this, to be brave enough to look at your work and say… No… It is not good enough… I can do better… This is not telling my story.

Embrace The Change

Part of my Writing Without Fear articles is about being brave, about not being afraid to show your work, to write and to create. One of the biggest fears any Creator has is change, change in their characters, or having to change their work to actually tell your story. Embrace this change, you will come out the other end with a much stronger work.

Good luck, keep writing, keep creating!

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