Rethinking The Storytelling Box With Hero Ted

Hero Ted - the Superhero Teddy BearHave you met Hero Ted yet? He is a character I am working on for an early ready comic book that I want to release in the Fall of 2015. The adventures that Hero Ted goes on take place in the same world as the Teddy Bear Tales, and he was intended to be an early reader comic.

Hero Ted was supposed to be my artist/writer project and I even produced a handful of comic pages for the project. But something is not working with the art and I stopped. For an early ready comic I was being to advanced with the story, too many words, not enough action. Hero Ted is supposed to be brisk, fun and brightly colored, and the art didn’t reflect that.

Hero Ted ArtSometimes when you tell a story you have to look at the audience, look at your work, and then be brave enough to walk away from what you’ve already done, and try a different approach. This is what I am going to be doing with Hero Ted. I still plan to launch in the Fall, just with a slightly different looking book. As a treat you can see the now discarded art below.

Stay tuned Teddy Bear Fans!

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