Has Jurassic World Killed The Movies For The Next Decade?

Jurassic World LogoWith SDCC behind us, I ask you all this question. Did you see anything original come out of this media event? Anything? Now think carefully and see if you can recall anything that was not Superheroes, a Reboot, a Revival, a Retread or a Sequel? I will give you a minute to think about it and I will see you after the jump.

Did you come up with anything? Chances are you didn’t because frankly that was SDCC offerings from the major studios was everything old is now new or is a Superhero, a sure sign that original works are dead in the water… And Jurassic World helped hammer in the nails on the coffin of original works ever making their way to the silver screen for at least the next decade. Check out this How It Should Have Ended video based on the Jurassic World movie.

Pretty rough, eh? Sadly, as spectacular as the effects were, and to be fair, they actually weren’t that good they just threw more stuff at the screen, Jurassic World was just a retread of Jurassic Park with a fairly charismatic leading man added. As Hollywood Blockbuster movies go it was a lazy swing that made a lot of money… Perhaps too much money. For minimal risk and on name recognition alone Jurassic World became the number three highest grossing movie of all time – and killed the movie industry in the process.

Who is more real here - Chris Pratt or the Raptors?

With the success of Jurassic World you will see the various studio Movie Execs scurry to uncover any of the older franchise names that the studio owns and start to throw money at them. Forgetting in the flurry of craving the next Jurassic World hit, that some of these franchises crashed for very good reasons. If you have an original work waiting for the Hollywood green-light this is going to be a worth time for them as the Execs will simply not be interested in taking a chance on an unknown if they can fill seats with the next Battle Beyond The Stars on nostalgia and dodgy effects. Meaning the next decade at least we will see nothing but Superheroes, Reboots, Revivals, Retreads and Sequels…

Jurassic World has killed Hollywood… (not that it was ever in a good state to begin with)

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