Did You Know I Was On Vacation?

My son and I at Niagara FallsHey World, I bet you didn’t know I was on vacation over the last week? I kinda kept it quiet, and had planned to blog everyday, but with spotty internet connection that plan did not really happen. So instead here is a summary of my week of RV adventuring after the jump.

Ere We Go! Ere We Go! Ere We Go!

I better frame this all; over the last week my Father flew in from the United Kingdom and treated us all to an RV adventure after hiring a seven person sleeper from cruiseamerica.com The first part of the adventure was to travel up to Niagara Falls, what follows are pictures of our adventure to this spectacular piece of nature…. With a journey under the falls too.

As you see from the pictures the first part of the RV Adventure took us into Niagara Falls, and under the falls with a walk through the Caves of the Wind, which put us out under the American Falls. I actually got to stand under this amazing waterfall… Quite the uplifting experience! The adventure in Niagara Falls finished with a voyage in the Maid of the Mist that took us right up to the Canadian Horseshoe – which we all know as Niagara Falls. The day ended with a Fourth of July show over the Falls. If you can do this adventure do it. It is amazing.

On The Road To Darien Lake

We spent a full weekend and a day at Niagara Falls, after which out next destination was Darien Lake Amusement Park. The Park was only 40 minutes ride from our campground so we took the long way around skirting Ontario Lake – which is one of the series of great lakes. And I have to tell you it redefines what a lake is – you cannot see the opposite shore!

At Darien Lake Amusement Park

Darien Lake is a very quiet gem of a destination, we parked the RV in the campgrounds and had three days of unfretted access to the park. The kids got to ride all the rollercoasters and it was a nice little place to stop. We pretty much didn’t see the kids until the evening as they got spun, shaken, rattled and rolled around to their heart’s content. I could easily do a week here and might be a return destination next year for us.

Even Tristan The Teddy Bear Had Fun At Darien

As you can see in some of the pictures we were also joined by Tristan the Teddy Bear on this adventure, and while he didn’t visit the Niagara Falls he did have a lot of fun at Darien Lake.

Homeward Bound

The last leg of the journey was the long run back down to Maryland in the RV, and home. The last couple of days of vacation were spent relaxing from the drive, fixing a lawn mower, visiting the Science Center in the Baltimore Inner Harbor and treating my father to a meal. It had been a long week, and a good adventure.


On Sunday my Father returned to the United Kingdom, the week of adventure had finally drawn to a close. I highly recommend an RV adventure to anyone and while it had some drawbacks it was good to be around family.

Thank you Dad, it was good to spend time with you again. Adventure ahead!

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