Introducing The NEW Forrest And Scout Cuddly Defender Toys From Out Of The Attic #TristanLives

Forrest & Scout - Cuddly Defender Teddy Bear Toys from the Comic Out Of The Attic
Today I got a fantastic set of pictures from Dots Bears who makes the Cuddly Defender Teddy Bear Toys featuring the two new Cuddly Defenders Forrest & Scout from the recently released Out Of The Attic comic book.

They aim to be misbehavin' - Forrest & Scout Concepts by Keir Knikia Lyles

Fans of the characters from Out Of the Attic will know there is a height difference between the pair, Forrest is a 22″ Teddy Bear and Scout is a 14″ Cuddly Dog – both Cuddly Defender Toys have 5 points of articulation and are handmade in the USA.

This odd couple look amazing as you can see in the gallery below and are currently available as a Kickstarter Reward Level in the Out Of The Attic 2 Comic Book Campaign. Check out the pictures and please back these Cuddly Defenders adventures on Kickstarter.

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