Writing Without Fear – Before The Pixar Inside Out Movie There Was The Numskulls

Pixar Inside OutIn this Writing Without Fear column we are going to quickly talk about original story ideas, and how their isn’t really any, and how it is all just variations on a theme. This week Pixar is about to release their next animated feature which is called Inside Out, that features animated versions of our emotions sitting in your brain and controlling you – sounds pretty original, eh?


The Numbskulls the first inside out


Before Pixar and what will be a beautifully animated movie there was the Numskulls, who are featured in United Kingdom weekly comic The Beano and they have been around since 1962, first appearing in the Breezer. They were, or more correctly are a collection of tiny technicians that keep their human (called Edd Case) running. You can learn more about the Numbskulls comic strip here.

No Original Ideas

Now the point of this Writing Without Fear is not to bash Pixar for stealing an idea, I doubt they even know about the Numskulls. But to point out there are no original ideas, so if you are writing do not panic! There is just original ways of telling that idea, and that is what you should strive for.

Write without fear, you story may have a superhero, a vampire, a cuddly toy, avenging angel, merciless assassin, a schoolboy wizard… It is your story, so write it and be confident that in its telling it is an original story.

Go For It

In every Writing Without Fear I tell you to just write, the reason is many potential writers just stop because they feel their story is stupid, or someone in their family or friends points out it has been done before. Just go for it, because it does not matter if there are a dozen shiny vampire books out there, it is your story so own it, and tell it. After all are they writing?

That is all for this Writing Without Fear, thank you kindly for your time.

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