The Art Of May From Rocket Raccoon To Groot, Red Fraggle And Piglet Too!

Fraggle Rock - Red FraggleFollowing on from my April Art article, I thought it would be fun to share with you the art I have created during the month of May. Not quite as productive as April, but that is more to do with the number of conventions I attend during May. 

This is all still a journey for me, it has been four years now since I picked up a pencil again and I am still learning everything I forgot. New inking styles, form, proportion and seeing my drawing ability morph into something that works for me. One thing I do remember during May is talking about how to draw with a lot of people, which the reply,”Just draw… Like a muscle, you get stronger the more you use it.”

Plus I got a compliment from a couple of people about my inking style, I know not much… But it is the little things that keep me going down this road. Anyhow, enjoy the gallery below.

The Art Of May

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