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The Searchers - Wilma the Cuddly Bunny and Her GirlMeet the Searchers – One feisty Cuddly Bunny with her equally feisty little Girl setting out on a little big adventure, a journey that will take them to a land beyond imagination and test the bonds of friendship between a Girl and her Cuddly Toy. 

This is a Teddy Bear Tale set in a time when Tristan the Teddy Bear has only just met his Boy. A story featuring Wilma Bunny and her Girl, a quest for the a lost Baby rattle to the sooth the cries of a Baby Brother. This is the story of The Searchers…

The Searchers - Wilma the Cuddly Bunny and Her Girl

Where Did This Idea Comic From?

Wilma Bunny and her Girl is an idea from my sketchbook, a what if Wilma and her Girl knew all about the Monsters under the Bed and teamed up to find an item of great importance. It is a story with a lot of telling, and a step in a direction I’ve only ever lightly touched upon. An idea amongst many.

Now My Question Is…

Would you like to see The Searchers become a reality?

Art Notes – The Searchers concept image was completed in black ink and blended inktense Derwent Pencils​, and finished with a little digital editing.

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