Introducing the Cuddly Ninja, Fluffy Heroes Taking Back The Night #Ninjas

Go Cuddly Ninja Go!

Hello Teddy Bear Fans, I want to take a moment and introduce to you the Cuddly Ninja, these heroic Cuddly Toys are on a mission to take back the night. 

This is a concept image of a new Cuddly Toy Team that I hope to debut at some point this year. I may include a story about them in the Teddy Bear Project I am working on for the Fall, of which a lot will depend on the success of Out of the Attic to make it happen. So, keep your eyes peeled about these new Heroes. They are a coming…

The Cuddly Ninja illustration was colored in blended Derwent inktense pencils and outlined with Faber-Castell ink.

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