RIP Sir Terry Pratchett Died Aged 66 At Home Today

Sir Terry Pratchett QuoteI sit here trying to find words… So I will start from the beginning because that is how all things should, not the middle, maybe sometimes the end so we can work our way back, but always how things came to be. I caught this sad news about two minutes before it exploded across the internets that Sir Terry Pratchett had died, I held my breath for a moment thinking it a joke, for it was not the first time Terry had died on the internet. Then the BBC announced it was official, my favorite author had died aged 66 at home.

I don’t pretend to know Sir Pratchett, what I do know of him is reflected in his books, his words and humor within them. I traveled to Discworld through his eyes, embraced the characters, booed the villains and loved the askew way he looked at the world, how he could make us laugh in one paragraph and have us crying in the next. He is a rare talent and I encourage you, if you’ve not read his work to start reading it.

I had always hoped to meet him, to shake his hand and thank him for his words, the joy he shared and for setting my own words free. I may not have written as fearlessly as him, but he got me writing, and helped finally in my last few works to get over the fear of embracing the absurd, of not being afraid to share my humor, my joy.

From this point forwards I will write without fear, to carry on the torch.

Thank you Sir Terry, I know one day we may meet, Death is after all impartial and inevitable… It just wont be this day, or many more yet to come

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