We Are Not Mean’t To Stay On Earth The Journey Must Continue #iwanttobelieve

East Coast Night SkyLast night I took a few minutes tonight to look up into the night sky, everyone should from time to time, just to feel the enormity of the cosmos and its wonder. With no clouds in the sky, I could see all the stars flying over my head. It all feels so close you could almost reach out, grab them and ride the light fantastic. The more I watched, the more I wondered, are we supposed to stay here on Earth? Maybe this was only supposed to be a way stop on a much longer journey. We all just forgot where we are going, where we came from and the means of making it happen.

Our origin, our home is out there, after all they say life here began out there, and these words hold more truth with every discovery, we make… We all should look up a little more often, we are after all travelers and our journey has only just begun.

Peace my friends.

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