Origins – 500 Word Flash Fiction Story of A Teddy Bear #Hero

Hero - A Superhero Teddy Bear for all ages by Nick Davis

Hero – A Superhero Teddy Bear for all ages by Nick Davis

Meet Teddy, a Teddy Bear just like any other, no different to any other Cuddly Toy. He shares his child with Blankey, a blue security blanket and together they keep their child safe from the bumps in the night.

For those that know a security blanket is a comfort anchor, and is full of a Child’s love, innocence and wonder – all the good things that power a childhood.

One dark night, darker than most and everything was quite still the Monsters under the Bed crept out of the shadows.

They were on a mission to steal Blankey, to make the Child scared and dread going to bed. Dread and fear make Monsters stronger, which makes them bolder and get up to greater mischief.

But Teddy was woken by the Monsters clumsy steps, grabbing Blankey just as the Monsters did… And a tug-of-war took place.

Teddy pulled with all his strength to keep Blankey safe, but the Monsters were too strong for him. He stumbled and fell into Blankey, both disappearing in a blinding flash of golden light.

The Monsters blinked and rubbed their eyes, and out of the flash of light flew Teddy. His fur glowed with golden energy with Blankey wrapped around him like a cape.

Wearing Blankey made Teddy feel very strong and he could fly like the Superheroes in his child’s comic books.

With a Kapow, Klunk and Whammo Teddy using his new powers chased the Monsters out of the bedroom, down the stairs, out of the front door and into the street where they jumped down a drain to get away.

Wiping his paws together Teddy looked around for more Monsters to chase, seeing none, he decided to try his new powers and flew straight up into the night sky.

He looped the loop, rolled, swooped and soared, all the time whooping with joy with a great smile on his face. He was very excited and even rescued three cats stuck in trees.

Slowly the night faded to dawn and Teddy released his child would wake up soon, and not find him or Blankey there.

Hero by Nick Davis

Hero by Nick Davis

In a flash he flew back to his house, climbing in through the bedroom window, took off Blankey and turned back into a quite ordinary Teddy Bear. Then gently Teddy climbed into bed with his child and cuddled up to him.

While in his Child’s arms, Teddy pondered what to do about the Monsters. They surely would return to try to steal Blankey again, which would upset his child.

With the powers that Blankey gave him he could use that to chase away the Monsters, and keep his child safe, just like the a Superhero. Happy, Teddy dozed off.

In the morning when his Child had gone to school Teddy found a mask in the closet, for everyone knows a Superhero wears a mask to protect their loved ones from harm. He wrapped Blankey around him like a cape, and looked into the mirror.

He would be his Child’s Hero.

Origins is a 500 word flash fiction story by Nick Davis about Teddy, a superheroic Teddy Bear who gets his powers from his Child’s security blanket. 

Hero Teds Adventures Continue In Teddy Bear Action Comics

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