Pour mon soutien à #JeSuisCharlie je me tiens avec #CharlesHebdo #liberté

I stand with Charlie Hebdo by Nick DavisLike many Artists,Writers and Cartoonists around the world I watched in horror when the Terrorist attack on the French Satirical Paper Charlie Hebdo in Paris took place.

It was an attack on all we hold dear, our Freedom of Speech, of Expression and Press. All virtues I hold dear, the art above is my reply to this cowardly attack on our freedoms, (original posted below and at 12.30pm EST on Twitter) and is my show of support to the Charlie Hebdo staff.

My original Charlie Hebo reply to the Terrorists


My twitter feed has been dominated by retweets by me of news about this attack, cartoonist reactions and fundamental truths I felt needed to be heard. I know despite the Cartoonists, Editorial Staff and the brave Police Officers who were killed by the cowardly Terrorists, that Charlie Hebo will go on, and will not stop… I support #CharlieHebdo #courageux

La plume est toujours plus puissante que l’épée
(The pen is always mightier than the sword)

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