So that was the year that was 2014

Trip around the sunWelcome to my 2014 year in review, sometimes these reviews are short, some are long, all of them look back in someway at the year I had. After all we have all survived one more trip around the sun on this Starship Earth, and what a ride it has been.

Start Of The Year

My Gods… Thinking back at the start of this year and how it started. Everything was so smooth, we had plans in place on how we wanted this year to run and it all went up in flames. Twenty-seven days into the new year I was dismissed from my job at Baltimore County, and the year went into bit of a nosedive.

Me, a Barmy Day on the Hill Outside the Library of Congress

Me, a Barmy Day on the Hill Outside the Library of Congress


Of course I set out almost immediately looking for work, I signed up for Temp Agencies and got sent out for all kind of weird and wonderful interviews and placements. Including seven weeks working on the Hill in DC for the Heritage Foundation, which was a trip down the Far-Right Rabbit Hole I thought I would never take. It was an eye opener to see how the Far-Right thought, and handled their media communications and I am sad to say it is all about molding perception, and stretching a lie over a truth whenever possible.

I Wrote A Comic Book

Spooky Abigail Limited Edition Cover

Spooky Abigail Limited Edition Cover

Yes I did, my first comic book that was not Teddy Bear Tales related, I was the lead writer for the Spooky Abigail books. I had a lot of fun building her world making it a little wonky and my own worst Witch story. The script writing was fun and I dearly hope I get to revisit her second book and be able to tell my Spooky story.

The Dry Patch

Nick and Tristan the Teddy Bear

Nick and Tristan the Teddy Bear will dance for food

After the seven weeks at the Heritage Foundation I had a long dry patch of interviews, empty promises from Recruiters, and sparse Freelance work. In between the constant interview dance, and begging for work, I attend conventions with my Teddy Bear books to help boost our shrinking bank account and desperately tried not to freak out – we had until July for me to find work or we would lose our house. We were on life-support, with all money going to food or bills. If piece of our infrastructure broke we would be dead in the water.

The Cartoon

Wash Cycle with a Teddy Bear and his Boy

The first part of the year I gave myself distractions, I decided to teach myself how to drawn comic panels and my comic strip Unconditional Hugs, the adventures of a Teddy Bear and his Boy was born. It has now ended with 52 comic strips drawn and a fun exploration into the art of telling a story in four panels.

The Newspaper

July came along and I scored a temporary position with the Dundalk Eagle Newspaper in the Production Department, here I learned all about how a weekly newspaper is put together. From ads, to copy and how a local paper operated. It was an interesting education and fun at times. I was offered a transition into full-time, but along came an opportunity with Alban CAT, and I jumped at the chance to get my career back.

Along Came Alban CAT

This was a job that came out of the blue, totally unexpected and I went into it not knowing quite what to expect. Alban CAT is the Caterpillar Dealer for Maryland, DC, Delaware and part of West Virginia and Northern Virginia area. I honestly thought it was a job shoved at the back of a pokey dealership building, putting up pictures of Dozers and Tractors.

CAT Multi-Terrain Track Loader by Nick Davis

Boy was I wrong… Alban CAT is huge, multiple divisions and has a lot of money behind it and they needed someone maintain their website, which happened to be WordPress powered. It was the first job prospect that I found myself at that I was practically shouting pick me… pick me!!! And for my enthusiasm they did and I am now their Web Content Specialist. The job is amazing and the last four months of this year things have been an up swing for my family. It is good to be able to provide again.

The Art

My art improved throughout 2014, I finally found some confidence in my abilities and I think produced some really nice pieces, below are some of my favorites.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too by Nick Davis

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too by Nick Davis

Paddington Bear by Nick Davis

Paddington Bear by Nick Davis

Baby GROOT by Nick Davis

Baby GROOT by Nick Davis

This is just a few of my pieces, you can view all my art by clicking the art tap at the top of the website.

So Here We Are Now

The start of this year was very dark, we almost didn’t make it and the last three years have been very rough for us, far too many dips, and not that many climbs. 2014 year is ending with my son living under my roof, a good job, the Teddy Bear Tales being shopped around Hollywood, and a new Cuddly Defenders book in the works. All of which I hope will set up to be a productive 2015

The trip around the sun for 2014 is done and now we face new adventures… Onwards!

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