Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer, is this our Last Hope?

Star Wars Force Awakens Sith or Inquisitor Lightsaber

Yeah… It’s a little silly…

Our first real look at what to expect from the Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens with the release of the official trailer (which you can view after the jump). I will admit when I was a kid I loved Star Wars, pure sci-fi fantasy action adventure, good was good, and bad was bad with all the elements of a classic hero journey.

Star Wars Force Awakens - Astromech Droid

The quest for more unique Action Figures continues… How many repaints will this have?

With the prequels we all got a little burned by the Star Wars legend, and recent fair (at least to me) with Rebels feels more a quest to make action figures than tell a compelling story. And now we have the trailer of the next step in the Star Wars story, you can view the trailer below.

While I think it has its own potential problems – like a lightsaber with lightsaber guards (done for the fanboys pop – the lightsaber is supposed to be an elegant weapon for a reason), I cannot make a judgement until I see more. The X-Wings going across the water is cool, and the rotating show of the Millennium Falcon is fun, rolling Droid is an interesting take on the Astromech units.  It offers glimpses into what we as fans of Star Wars want to be a good film, but got burned so badly by the last three movies, this has to be our new hope.

Now we have the whole issue of a black Stormtrooper… I don’t get it, in a Universe far, far away with many different skin colors why this should even be a thought, or an issue does feel beyond me. It feels like it is being made an issue by too many people, and maybe even by the actor. At this time what remained of the Empire was recruiting directly from their populace, and the Clone troopers were in decline after the destruction of the Kamino facilities, which put any remaining clone veterans in their sixties?

Star Wars for me has lost a lot of luster, I hope we see a return to the pure Sci-fi fantasy romp it once was.

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