A Band Of Cuddly Toys Must Team Together To Stop The Bogeyman

Back Tristan the Teddy Bear and the Cuddly Defenders Comic on Kickstarter

“Teddy Bears Protecting Children from Monsters Under the Bed Since 1902…”

A heroic group of Cuddly Toys team-up to take on the Bogeyman and the Monsters under the Bed in an adventure comic for all ages, that is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

A small band of discarded Plushy Toys called the Cuddly Defenders led by an old Teddy Bear called Tristan do battle against the Evil Bogeyman and his Legions of Monsters under the Bed who are trying to steal the Power of Imagination, and turn the human world into an age of nightmares.

The Cuddly Defenders adventures are going to be published in a quarterly released comic book throughout 2015. To help our Heroic Cuddly Friends on their way with this brand new book, we have created a Kickstarter to help get the ball rolling, this is where you come in!

Tristan, Wilma, Archer and Fernando need your help.

What is this Kickstarter?

We are asking you to check out the Cuddly Defenders Kickstarter and pledge to help us, the writers and artists for Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders to launch a comic book. This is what we want to do.

  • Publish a 24 page full color all-ages comic book
  • Comic and illustrated stories
  • Quarterly release
  • New characters, new adventures every three months
  • Bonus material for subscribers and Kickstarter members
  • Available as a print or electronic comic.
  • Exclusive cover for only Kickstarter backers.

Forrest and Scout need your help on Kickstarter in the Cuddly Defenders Comic

Who are the Cuddly Defenders?

The Cuddly Defenders are the Champions of all Children, of Wonder and Imagination, led by Tristan the Teddy Bear they do battle against the Evil Bogeyman and his Monsters under the Bed.

Meet the Cuddly Defenders

Meet the Cuddly Defenders – Concept Sketches by Nick Davis

The Cuddly Defenders are Tristan the Teddy Bear, Wilma Bunny, Archer Bear and Fernando the Mouse Lion. And we are going to aim to introduce two new characters – Forrest & Scout.

They aim to be misbehavin' - Forrest & Scout Concepts by Keir Knikia Lyles

They aim to be misbehavin’ – Forrest & Scout concepts by Keir Knikia Lyles

The Talent

To help tell the story, here is the Talent rundown.

Click to learn more about Olaf and the Cuddly Defenders Kickstarter ComicPlease Help

We are running out of time to get the new Cuddly Defenders Comic funded on Kickstarter, we need your help to make this book happen! Please visit the Kickstarter Page for the Cuddly Defenders, please pledge and help stop the Bogeyman!

Checkout the Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/altworld/tristan-the-teddy-bear-and-the-cuddly-defenders

Help the Cuddly Defenders Comic Launch Today!

Click to help Wilma Bunny and the Cuddly Defenders Kickstarter Launch.

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