Hero, a Super Hero Teddy Bear for all ages

Hero - A Superhero Teddy Bear for all ages by Nick Davis

Hero – A Superhero Teddy Bear for all ages by Nick Davis

Meet Hero, a mild-mannered Teddy Bear who looks after his child and protects him from all things bad. This Teddy Bear is already a hero, but when he puts on his child’s security blanket he gains the power of flight and super-strength (for a Teddy Bear). Hero is an all-ages heroic Teddy Bear for ages 3+ and is a new character that will introduced to the early-reader Teddy Bear Tales books. As you can see from the concept illustration Hero is still a work in progress and as we move towards publication I am sure his look may change, like adding a mask or giving the security blanket a personality.

Hero - #inktober sketch by Nick Davis

Hero – #inktober sketch by Nick Davis

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