While Children Sleep Teddy Bears Protect Them From the Monsters Under the Bed

Mean TeddyAs you know I am busy pushing the next Cuddly Defenders Kickstarter so we can launch the Quarterly Comic and continue the adventures of our heroic plushy pals as they take on the Bogeyman, and his Legions of the Monsters under the Bed.

Learn more about Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders I stumbled upon this animation called Mean Teddies by Tyler Novo, featuring a Teddy Bear protecting his child from, you guessed it, a Monster under the Bed. While it is awfully close to the work I am doing with the Teddy Bear Tales it is still a different take on the whole Teddy vs Monsters story that has been rattling around recently.

Tristan and his pals aren’t quite as mean as the Bear in this clip, but is has the look and feel we are going for in the Cuddly Defenders Comic Books. Anyhow check out the video below…

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