A Piggy’s Tale the Comic Book about a Three-Legged Rescue Dog with Superpowers

A Piggy's Tales Comic Covers Issue 1 - 3

A Piggy’s Tales Comic Covers Issue 1 , 2 & 3

After an accident takes his leg, a rescue dog named Piggy discovers he has super-powers, and must fulfill his fate to save other critters from despair. Accompanied by a street smart cat and a girl who can talk to animals, this unlikely hero must stop evil from befalling victims in New York City.

A Piggy’s Tale is published by Bohemian Press by Tod Emko and Ethan Young, and is a charity comic book with all proceeds going to the Darwin Animal Doctors who conduct Pet Rescues in the Galapagos Islands.

Tristan the Teddy Bear meets Piggy the Three Legged Super-Dog

Tristan the Teddy Bear meets Piggy the Three Legged Super-Dog

Tristan and I met the one the books creators and Piggy the Three Legged Dog (lovely dog by the way really soft) at Baltimore Comic Con, and caught up with them again at Annapolis comic con.

They are current on book three of a four-part mini-series, the book is entertaining for all ages although it is written for ages 6 – 10. If you bump into A Piggy’s Tale at a convention, buy the book and help out a great cause.

You can also pick up the book at Piggytale.com

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