Welcome to #TeddyBearTuesday

Here is #TeddyBearTuesday.

#TeddyBearTuesday is almost upon us!

And Teddy Bear Artist Dan Nokes has a something special to planned for the Cuddly Defenders Kickstarter.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Teddy Bear Tales Lead Artist Dan Nokes is doing the first ever #TEDDYBEARTUESDAY

This is how it works.

Drop $5 or increase your current pledge by $5 dollars you can collect a Teddy Bear Tale themed quick sketch by Teddy Bear Artist Dan Nokes. Any Teddy Bear as any character you can think of!

Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/altworld/tristan-the-teddy-bear-and-the-cuddly-defenders

Pledge, tweet about the Kickstarter with the hashtag, #TeddyBearTuesday and drop a message via #kickstarter and collect your reward!

Nick Davis
Creator of the Teddy Bear Tales

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