My #inktober Challenge… 31 Days… 31 Original Inked Sketch Cards…

Batbear by Nick Davis

Batbear by Nick Davis

The month of October is now known as Inktober, a special event for artists to draw just using ink. The bare bones of this event is you must draw one original ink art piece a day (full marathon), or every other day (if you want to do the half-marathon).

I have decided to take up this challenge and I have just completed day six (at time of writing), heading into day seven. I am going for the full marathon, and to make it a little more fun I am limiting myself to sketchcard size art pieces and trying to keep the creation process under twenty minutes. So far though it is working out well.

My progress so far…

You can follow my progress through Inktober or learn more about this event visit the comic easel.

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