A Very Different Teddy Bear Tale Synopsis

A Teddy Bear's Revenge by Nick Davis

I am going to share with you a very different Teddy Bear Tale that is currently in synopsis and is tagged to be part of the upcoming and work-in-progress story collection. This synopsis is a story about  a Teddy Bear, but it isn’t an innocent story you would expect from A Teddy Bear Tale or Cuddly Defenders comics, this is something very, very different and much darker… Journey down the rabbit hole after the jump.

A Teddy Bear’s Journey

A Synopsis by Nick Davis
It is a dark night, a small Teddy Bear is standing in the half-light next to a garbage can, his body in shadow and he is looking up at a window remembering his journey back to this point. He is remembering how his boy gathered him and his friends all up, Spaceman, Panda, Bunny, Monkey and him, and how they were excited at the thought that after such a long time of being ignored they were going to be played with again.

Then everything goes dark as they are thrown into a trash bag, then placed in a garbage can, they huddle together afraid in the dark for what seems an eternity until the lid of the can is removed and their Boy is standing them with a cruel grin on his face. He reaches in and pulls out Spaceman while cackling,’Going to send you to the Moon.’

The Cuddly Toys watch helplessly from the garbage can to see spaceman get launched into the air on a firework rocket that their boy tied him too, as the boy films with his phone. The rocket explodes and only the burning pieces of Spaceman returns to the earth. Bunny is in tears and the rest of the toys cling to each other in horror. The Boy laughing at the demise of Spaceman, boosts how it will get mega-views on YouTube, and is only sad he does not have anymore more rockets to launch the rest of his pathetic toys. So he goes off to find some more.

The Garbage truck arrives first and the toys are tumbled into the back with the rest of the trash. They see the compactor come down and try to escape, but Panda is too slow and gets crushed, scattering his fluff and stuffing all over the remaining Cuddly Toys.

Scared the Cuddly Toys stumble into a backyard and get attacked by a dog, and Bunny is taken never to be seen again. Panicking Monkey and Teddy take shelter in a storm drain and fall asleep. But it starts to rain. The drain fills up, they struggle to escape the rising flood and the torrent of water washes Monkey away into the depths of the sewer.

Only the Teddy Bear remains, and he is angry after losing all his friends because of the mistreatment of their Boy and he vows revenge. As he makes his way back to his once home and he falls foul of a cat, but he fights it off with stick, but not before his eye and half his smile is scratched out.

We return to the window panel, to see the Teddy Bear climb in and sneak into his boy’s room who is fast asleep. The Teddy finds one of his boys knifes, and a book of matches. Standing over the bed of the boy he once loved unconditionally, his beaten, scarred body casts a hideous shadow over the child. Remembering all the friends he has loved and lost, the Teddy Bear strikes a match and the light casts across his face now carved into a sneer.

‘We kept you safe from the Monsters under the bed.’
‘We held you when you cried at night.’
‘We played with you when no one else would.’
‘And you repay us by throwing us into the garbage, by setting my friend on fire!’
‘This is for Spaceman, Panda, Bunny, Monkey and me!’

The match fizzes, the smell wakes up the boy who looks up to see the Teddy Bear looming over him knife in paw. The Teddy Bear leaps, ‘I’m going to make you fear the night you Bastard!’

Panel fades to black.

The End?

The Story Continues In Mr.Buttons – One Shot Shot

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