So a Black Captain America and a Female Thor, eh?

The Falcon Sam Wilson - Captain AmericaIt has been an interesting couple of weeks in the House of Ideas, Marvel has passed on the shield of Captain America (again) and we are going to be introduced to a new Thor (again). Since Cap is one of my favorite Superhero characters you just know I have some thoughts on this.

But First Thor

Jane Foster ThorVerily… So Thor… The God of Thunder has been found unworthy to hold the hammer of Thor and it has passed onto another, this time Thor will be a woman! Some how this is a big thing on the internet, I really don’t see why. Thor or the power of Thor has seen, Thor, Eric Masterson, a horse face alien named Beta Ray Bill, Storm, a Frog, Captain America, Jane Foster and now a yet to be named Female, (note this is to my knowledge).

Although Thor Odinson will still be around, this time he will be wielding an axe, new Thor (the Female) will be totally new character who will be called Thor – not to be confused with Thor.


I don’t see how this is a big deal at all eventually Female Thor will just become another hammer powered character to join the ranks of Thor related characters. It feels gimmicky at best and positioned to give Thor a sales spike.

The Power of Thor

So Now Captain America is Sam Wilson?

Sam Wilson - Captain AmericaYou know this is not the first time Sam Wilson (the Falcon) has picked up the shield to become Captain America, so this is not a new idea, and Sam is a strong established character so it isn’t a bad choice to have him pick up the shield and carry on Steve’s legacy.

Indeed those of you that have read Truth; Red, White & Black by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker, which details the exploits of Isaiah Bradley, a Black Captain America created during WWII to rediscover the Super-Soldier Serum it is not the first time a black guy has become the Cap.

I think this time Marvel missed a trick and could have added legacy to this character change.

How I Would Have Wrote It

In the current book Steve Rogers has currently lost his Super-Soldier serum from his body (again), this time though instead of just reducing him to skinny Rogers, he is now old man skinny Rogers and is reduced to a mentor/planning role for Captain America’s role in the Marvel universe.

Sam Wilson is already a strong established character in the Marvel universe, the Falcon heroic identity has always been linked with Cap, but Sam by himself is a great character. Although I can see him taking up the shield out of respect for Rogers, I would have kept him as the Falcon and choose another.

I would have chosen heritage and legacy, the grandson of Isaiah Bradley – Eli Bradley as the new Captain America, now while Eli is known as the Patriot (Young Avengers), he would have been a better, and more accessible choice to pick up the shield.

Eli Bradley - Patriot

Eli has a version of the Super-Soldier serum running through him, has a legacy to live up to and is very much a character the target readership can really identify with. I then would have set up a Mentor relationship with Old Man Rogers, very much like Batman Beyond, with Steve guiding Eli from behind the scenes to mold him into a better superhero. Which I know he is doing with Falcon, but be fair here Sam is very much his own man.

To me this would have made a better storyline and hook. Sam and Eli working together? And gives Eli the chance to step up to the big leagues and honor his family’s legacy; so what say you?

Not a bad idea, right?


This is comicbooks though, we know in about six months once the sales spike has been picked up all the characters will reset to their baselines. Let’s at least do something interesting and really shake up the status quo.

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