Concept Art from Cuddly Defenders II – Tristan the Teddy Bear Riding a My Little Pony

Tristan the Teddy Bear riding My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle

Tristan the Teddy Bear riding a Happy Pony by Nick Davis

We are currently in pre-production for the second book in the Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders series, the piece above is a concept piece that explores one of the ideas for the book. It features our furry hero Tristan the Teddy Bear riding a Happy Pony.


Concept art is drawn to visually explore an idea, which in this case what would Tristan look like on top of My Little Pony, which we’ve named Happy Ponies. I like the idea of Tristan riding one of these Pony’s and after drawing this concept there is a strong chance this will appear in the story.


Here is the concept art Work-in-Progress (WIP)

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