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Rocket Raccoon Number One CoverTitle – Rocket Raccoon #1
Writer/Artist – Skottie Young
Publisher – Marvel

I’ve waited a long time for this book, as you all know I am a huge Rocket Raccoon fan having discovered the character in the B-story in Marvel UK Transformers Weekly. It was the Keystone Quadrant storyline, full of animal-morphic characters and Killer Clowns… I was hooked! And now my favorite Marvel character has his own book, so what did I think?

First Read – First Impression

I brought the book at Chucks Comics my local LCS and rushed home to read it, my first read impressions was I was left feeling a little flat. I liked the art style, just parts of the story felt out of character for the character.

Second Read – The Review

Today I picked up the book for a second read through, again the I enjoyed the art, Skottie Young infuses the story with a frenetic pace and I like the lose cartoon style if suits the character and the world he inhabits – visually very stunning.

The storyline makes sense given Rocket’s nature although it feels it is taken to an extreme. It is obvious the character leans more towards the Movie version with the language Rocket uses. There is a fun dialog moment exchange between him and Starlord (who is off doing Guardian of the Galaxy stuff), which made me I was reading more of a Firefly story than a Marvel book.

Will I Buy Part Two?

The cliffhanger was pretty good and left me wondering just how much trouble has Rocket got himself into with his misdeeds and adventures rescuing Princess’es – appears to be a side hobby of our Gunslinging Raccoon. There is enough there for me to come back for the second book.

Final Thoughts

As Rocket Raccoon is my favorite Marvel character I had some high expectations for this book, which may of contributed to the flat feeling I had reading it first time around. It is worthy to be called a Rocket book and while the character traits are little more extreme (Ultimate Rocket Raccoon?) it fits the story pacing and art.

I do hope we will soon see some of the Keystone Quadrant characters turn up – which secretly I was hoping to see and a little disappointed there was no link, or even a wink to his origin.

Looking forward to the next book.

3.5 thumbs up out of 5

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