Back through the Gate… Back from the Sci-fi in the Valley Convention

Trying a new look at Sci-fi in the Valley Con

Trying a new look at Sci-fi in the Valley Con

The last three days were spent in Altoona, PA at the busy and growing Sci-fi in the Valley Con. This is the second trip into PA for Tristan and me as we keep spreading the word about the Teddy Bear Tales across the East Coast. Sci-fi in the Valley is in its third year now, and it is a fun mid-sized con right in the center of PA. 

Tristan and Nick enter the Stargate

Tristan and Nick enter the Stargate

How Did It Go?

We traveled up to Altoona with the Time for Hugs crew Scott and his good lady Victoria, this is a three-day show which means it is a marathon not a sprint, so I got time to speak to people about Tristan and the Teddy Bear Tales, and breakout my pencils for some in show art.

It was a good weekend, the show is amazing and next year moves to a new larger venue, so if you are in the area it is worth your time to check it out.

You Did Art?

Yes, I did art… Or more correctly tried something new which I call ‘Wot I Drew at the Con Artboard.’ Where I breakout my sketchcards, paper, pencil and pens and have a go at some very different pieces than the Cuddly Sketches.

Nick's Artboard

Nick’s Artboard

As you can see from the picture (above) I had a go at Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Wolverine, Joker, Dante Hicks, Twilight Sparkle, Maleficent, Deadpool, Batman, Bat-Finn, Spider-man, Captain American and Pinkie Pie.

The only rules I gave myself was it had to be black and white,be available for sale on my Artboard at the convention, and would not be turned into a print. I thought it is a cool way to exercise my skills and get some fun, cheap original art out there.  I hope to make a feature of it on my table from now on.

Stuff That Happened at Sci-Fi in the Valley Gallery

Will I Be Their Next Year?

Yes, if all things go well enough I hope to attend next year. The newer venue and show will be in May and a week before Awesome Con, but I would like to come back and make Tristan a cornerstone. So… until next year…

And He Wasn’t Even Supposed To Be Here Today

Tristan the Teddy Bear meet Dante Hicks

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