Government Shuts Down Boy’s Little Free Lending Library #FreeSpencersLibrary

Spencer's Little Lending LibraryYou may have seen these little Free Libraries pop up all over the place, give a book, lend a book community book shelves are getting quite popular. They are a great way to share books, to teach about civic virtue and to give something back to the community. Normally they are just a book cabinet with a roof, no bigger than an ornamental bird house and are mostly harmless, unless of course you fear books and what they contain.

It appears the City of Leawood in Kansas do, having shut down a Boy called Spencer Little Lending Library citing code violations and Neighbor complaints. That is right Local Government instead of rewarding civic responsibility have instead stomped on it – great way to teach responsible citizenship and community Leawood!

Read The News Story Here

I am not going to parrot the entire story here on my blog, but I encourage you all to click-through to local KMBC News Website and read about this piece of Local Government Insanity. I find it appalling, that common sense is at the mercy of bureaucracy.

What Can I Do?

If you are reading this and thinking what can I do? I don’t live there, I will say you can do something and if you want to see Spencer’s Little Library reopen I urge you to do the following.

Show your support Spencer’s Little Library Facebook Page Here.

Contact the City of Leawood Mayor Peggy J Dunn at use the subject line Spencer’s Little Free Library and express your outrage.

Or let the City Of Leawood know your outrage via their City of Leawood Facebook Page Here.

Other Sources

WBAL News Report of Spencer’s Little Library

Fox4 News Report of the Free Little Library

KSHB News Report about this Free Lending Library

Now let’s go get them interwebs! Let’s get Spencer’s Little Library open again!

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