How I Explain The Meaning of Equality And Why It Is Important To Our Freedom

EqualityWhy is Equality Important?

Without true equality here in the land of the free, we can never claim to be truly free. People after all are people and nothing more than miss-perceived thoughts are standing in the way of real freedom. After all what is the biggest issue for Equality here in the USA right now? Same-Sex Marriage, now while I reckon my words do not carry a great weight, there are times I have to use them for even a pebble can become a wave. So here is my pebble, after the jump.

The Pebble

A couple of years ago I worked for a sportswear company that was Greek owned, not a bad thing, but important to my story below. The Nephew of the owner who was working their between colleges asked me a question.

“Why do you have the Equality sign on the back of your Jeep?”

“It represents what I believe, that we all need to be equal to be free,” I answered.

“Why?” he countered, quite taking me by surprise.

“It is like this,” I said, “Imagine you were not allowed to marry in the USA because you are Greek.”

“That would not happen, I’m straight therefore I can marry,” was his reply.

I smile, “Yes, your right, but imagine for one second that you could not marry because of your genes, for being Greek. After all we are born with the natural disposition of being gay or not, much in the same way you are born with Greek genes – after all no matter what some say you can’t catch gay, you’re either gay or you’re not. However, you cannot change your genes, you may hide it for a while, but in the end you have Greek heritage, in the same way a Gay man or woman love others of their sex – it is inescapable. Which means because of your genes you are denied the simple pleasure of not being able to marry the one you love, and to not have the same rights that others have by accident of birth. Is that fair?”

“I hadn’t thought of it that way,” he said looking thoughtful.

“Not many do… And that is why I believe in Equality, we cannot be free if we deny others the rights we enjoy… Certain inalienable rights is a very powerful message and is something to believe that all-men… All humankind are born equal.” I said smiling, “But it is up to you to figure out what you believe and deciding for yourself, that is our truest and greatest freedom.”

Gods… I so can turn a Kirk speech when I wish it. So ended my lesson, be gentle with the world now.

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