From the Pencil I started at Lehigh Valley Fan Fest the Teddy Bear #Cobra Commander Cuddly Sketch is done #LVFF #GIJoe

Teddy Bear Cobra Commander Cuddly Sketch by Nick Davis

Teddy Bear Cobra Commander Cuddly Sketch by Nick Davis

I started my Cobra Commander Cuddly Sketch at the Lehigh Valley Fan Fest and today I’ve finally finished him off. The Commander marks the start of several GI Joe/Cobra/Action Force characters that will get the Cuddly Sketch treatment. 


Cobra Commander was penciled on canson watercolor paper, and inked using Faber-Castell pens. He was colored using Faber-Castell Watercolor pencils and then blended. Final details such as Cobra logo were complete using photoshop.

Work In Progress (WIP)

Who’s next?

I have open slots for five more GI Joe/Cobra/Action Force characters, who would you like to see get the Cuddly Sketch treatment? Contact Me here and let me know.

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