Another Sneak Peek at Spooky Abigail the all-ages comic book about a Witch and her Rat

Spooky Abigail Limited Edition Comic

Spooky Abigail Limited Edition Comic

Remember Spooky Abigail? It is the all-ages comic book I was recruited by PRM Comics to write for, I posted a preview of some of the pages a couple of months ago. Well, the first book has been released as a Limited Edition Black and White preview, which will prelude the full-color release in a few months. I think this book will be a great collectors item. Spooky Abigail available at LV Fanfest

Your first chance to get hold of this limited edition copy of Spooky Abigail will be at the Le High Valley Fan Fest this Saturday!!! I will be on hand to sign copies, as well as my usual Teddy Bear goodness. I think this book is a winner and a slow burner so this is a great chance to get onboard on what will be an Epic ride of a story.

Color Preview

You can also view a full-color preview (illustrated and colored by Veronica Smith) of the first three pages of Spooky Abigail here.

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