Checking the facts, has President Obama signed over 1000 executive orders?

Barack ObamaI recently had a conversation with a friend of mine, it somehow got into politics as my friend was a Libertarian (a self-defeating political belief that will land you straight into serfdom) and how Obama has signed more Executive Orders than any other USA President in history. I didn’t think this was true, but didn’t want to get into a political argument about it, so I deflected and changed the subject.

Frankly it felt like one of those made-up facts the far-right and those almost too far-gone make up. This ‘executive order fact’ of course niggled at me… So… Today with a little help from Google I did some fact checking, could it be true? Find out after the jump.

The Question

The question is ‘Has President Obama signed more Executive Orders than any other USA President in history?’ The question comes from this Far-Right Chain Mail that has been doing the rounds. So lets use this handy table from Poltifact below to figure it out.

The Answer

President Executive orders according
to chain email (false)
Actual number of
executive orders
Franklin Roosevelt 11 3,522
Harry Truman 7 907
Dwight Eisenhower 2 484
John F. Kennedy 4 214
Lyndon Johnson 4 325
Richard Nixon 1 346
Gerald Ford 3 169
Jimmy Carter 3 320
Ronald Reagan 5 381
George H.W. Bush 3 166
Bill Clinton 15 364
George W. Bush 62 291
Barack Obama 1000+ 168*

*As of Jan. 20, 2014

So… This short answer to the question is… No he has not.

It seems 168 is a bit short of 1000, and 123 short of George W. Bush. Now this is just a small sample based off the BS chain mail that has been going around, you can see the total signed by all USA Presidents here (Roosevelt tops out around 3500). In fact, unless he picks up speed, Obama will likely sign fewer executive orders than any two-term president since the start of the 20th century, and has only beat George Sr by two orders, and George Sr was a one term President!

A Little Annoyed

I hate goddamn misinformation like this that is propagated by the Far-Fright.

I get it they don’t like the President, they hate him with every core of their being that they are willing to lie and present falsehoods as fact. I know they want to impeach him, humiliate him and are now going to extremes to do this.

You know there is enough crap out on either side without making anything up. Making stupid shite up like this and propagating it as a fact just makes the GOP, the Tea Party, the Far Fright, the Libertarians look desperate, which to be frank they are.

And that is sad… You know I hate talking politics on my blog, this is a place for entertainment and for me to talk about my projects, but I am getting sick and tired of misrepresented facts, outright lies, and other uses of propaganda thrown around by the News Media and other groups pretending to be news here in the USA. The left is as guilty as the right, but the right seems to have it down to a science. And while I hate talking politics I will call people out on their BS.

I am an Author of children’s stories with access to the internet and I do a better job than 90% of the Journalists out there. I guess it is easier to have people in fear, it suits their purposes better, scared people are easier to control, easier to pump with BS.

Always check the facts my friends… always!

Yes… I am a little annoyed.


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