Batman v Superman Movie Title ‘Dawn of Justice’ and Logo Revealed… Ermm… Well… Yeah…

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

I think the graphic sums it up – the Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (official title), ,now has an official logo and principle photography is beginning. I find myself singly unexcited about this movie, and now we have this double-barreled movie title that reads like a direct-to-video animation release. I am questioning does DC know what they are doing anymore?

How can one comic book company so mishandle their icons? We get Marvel releasing the Guardians of the Galaxy movie that has a talking tree and a machine gun wielding Raccoon with a bad attitude, and we saw DC debate if their audiences will get Wonder Woman?

DC is actively demonstrating they are embarrassed about their Superheroes being superheroes in their movies. The depressing Man of Steel outing (how can you make a depressing Superman movie when the character is about hope?) Which was really a disaster movie about super-powerful Aliens using the Earth as a battleground – want to watch a good Superman movie watch Iron Giant.

I honestly don’t think the lead writer David S Goyer is able to understand the joy of Superheroes, and appears to be busy making DC’s characters post-modern ironic shadows of themselves

So much potential wasted…

I have two suggestion for DC, they are kicking ass in the animation department perhaps the movie division should let the ‘cartoon guys’ write and direct the live actions movies as well?

And… They should have run with Worlds Finest – now that is a title that encompasses everything you needed to know about what is going to be bridging movie to the Justice League.

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