Why are the proposed changes in the FCC Net Neutrality rules bad?

FCCLast week the FCC voted to discuss and vote on proposals to change the way the internet works forever in the USA. The proposal is a two-speed  internet, a paid for fast lane and one for everyone else and already if you can’t see how that is a bad thing then… this blog is not for you.

It concerns you…

It does not matter if your political leanings are left, right, or straight down the middle the first victim of this is real grassroots movements; like Operation American Spring (although you can argue it was a victim of itself). But, without the freedom to spread information and to gather popular support like the internet allows us we would lose an important way to voice our concerns.

The next are start-ups and small business’s that need the open internet to build their brand. Also we the people would not be able to access the internet and the loss of information and progress. Is that how the free market works?

Innovation will stop

It also will push the USA back into the internet stone age, all innovation and one of the few markets this country has a lead in will falter. We need to be smarter in this age not dumber, the USA does not own the internet and if we fall behind the technologies because of profit then we will lose everything.

For the sake of what?

Giving the Gatekeepers even more money?

Remember we already pay to access the internet on an aging broadband infrastructure that is already ten years out of date.

Enough is enough…

The trouble is the FCC is now staffed by the Ex-Employees and Attorneys of the cable companies it is in their special interest to serve their paymasters. But we still have a voice…

The floor is open for public comment on these proposals, click here to learn how to add your voice to the growing movement to keep the internet neutral.

I did my bit… Filed my first public comment.

ECFS Filing Receipt – Confirmation number: 2014519246662

I will do more as the avenues to protest and complain about the new FCC rules increasingly open.


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