Drawn at Spring Fling, with a watercolor finish its Popeye the Sailor Man…

Popeye the Sailor Man by Nick Davis

Popeye the Sailor Man by Nick Davis

To me Popeye was an odd cartoon that popped up on Saturday morning on Swap Shop, I didn’t really start appreciating it until it appeared on Rolf’s Cartoon Club. So, this famous Sailor Man was pretty low on my list of characters to draw.

Art or Swipe?

Until I learned about Jeff Koons Popeye Statue that sold for $28.2 million which turned out to be scaled up lift of a Dark Horse Popeye toy – just scaled up. While we can argue is it art or a swipe until the Cows come home the result is Jeff Koons did nothing more than Andy Warhol did with a can of soup. And just like Andy Warhol, Mr Koons employs artists to do his work for him, as he takes credit. It is an odd… odd world…


I think the article subliminally planted the idea to draw Popeye in my head, so while I counted the time spent at the St Paul’s Spring Fling Show I drew and inked a Popeye. Today I finished the illustration with watercolors. Maybe I will get lucky and pull a Koons size price tag for it?


Penciled on Canson Watercolor paper, inked with Faber-castel pens and rough colored with Faber-castel watercolor pencils. Final coloring was the watercolor pencils blended.

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