An Awesome Con – vention Weekend in DC at @AwesomeCon 2014 #AwesomeCon

So it begins... Nick and Tristan arrive at Awesome Con

So it begins… Nick and Tristan arrive at Awesome Con

My first big convention of the year Awesome Con 2014 is over and it was a stonker of a three-day show. Gosh… Three days… Feels like a blur now… But, what a show! Awesome Con 2014 was three to four times the size of last year, and apart from some expected growing pains, from my perspective, my corner of the show it went great 😉

Views of my Table

My Company

Jean at her Charmingly Geeky Table at Awesome Con.

Jean at her Charmingly Geeky Table at Awesome Con.

Along with Tristan the Teddy Bear I was joined on this adventure by my wife Jean, who had her own Charmingly Geeky table this year. She did really well, even though it was a tough weekend for her physically, she was determined to push through as much as she could and not let her disability stop her from trying something new. Her weekend was a bizarre combination of standing for fifteen minutes and then sitting for fifteen minutes, along with lean heavily against the table. So well done Jean, even though right now you cannot move and stuck in bed.

Scott and Victoria

Nice Bow Scott!

We spent the weekend with Scott and Victoria, who were our gracious hosts and guides to DC throughout this three-day event. Scott is the mastermind behind Time for Hugs – the story of the Grim Sleeper, and Victoria his girlfriend brought some of her Mishap Bows to the event. Thank you again guys for putting up with me, Jean and the ever demanding Tristan.

The Show

I always feel I can never give a proper review of a show because I see them from a small corner of it. For me it was as successful as last years Awesome Con, so I hope in a way that is a sign of how packed this convention is!

Yes, it suffered from some growing pains this year, but I know Ben (the Promoter) and he is very proactive and upfront about fixing them. The problems are nothing I’ve not seen at events like Wizard World and you can never get the lines moving fast enough – although I feel the convention center itself may not be able to cope with the huge influx of fans (approx 40,000)

My only gripe is as an Artists or Exhibitor we expect a little more freedom of movement, and ability to get fairly fast to refreshments, and then back to our tables quickly.  I found myself having to leave the hall one way, and enter the other side of the hall on the other side of the convention center. Jean suffered more from this than me especially on setup day.  Small gripe… But aggravating when you are part of the show.

I did get about ten minutes to walk around the event, I got a gracious smile from the ever lovely Erin Gray (Wilma Deering – Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century), who was a boyhood crush of mine, and I exchanged  thumbs up with Kevin Sorbo, who has the largest jaw line I’ve ever seen! Next year I have to stash some money away to get some Media Guest pictures with Tristan.

Stuff of Legend

Plus I had a long and great talk with Mike Raicht one of the writers of the amazing Stuff of Legend, I was nervous about this because both our books deal with the Bogeyman and I cannot read his book until I finish Tristan’s journey. We talked about how there are different takes on themes, and how he cannot read my book yet either… Although his son did buy Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders 😉

My Personal Highlight

Tristan the Teddy Bear with his Wounded Warrior Project armband.

Tristan the Teddy Bear with his Wounded Warrior Project armband.

I have a personal highlight from the show, the chaps from the Wounded Warrior Project came to my table to ask me to contribute an original art piece to their upcoming auction wall. My reply was an instant yes, and they didn’t even have to finish their pitch. I asked was their any parameters and they said no… So I suggested a Raccoon with a big gun and they both grinned like mad men, you can see the art below.

This I have to say is my personal highlight from the show, so if you see my Rocket Raccoon on a WWP Auction wall please give generously this is a charity that is very deserving.

The Cosplayers

A convention would not be the same without Tristan meeting the Cosplayers, the lack of photos below is an indication of just how busy I got at times. I met the girls from VA Comiccon who have been appearing with Tristan in photos since my first Annapolis Comic Con, it is always cool to meet fans of our favorite Teddy Bears adventures. Check out the pictures below and see if you can guess who they are this year.

To Sum Up

We meet Ernie Hudson I look awkward trying to show Tristan in the picture.

We meet Ernie Hudson I look awkward trying to show Tristan in the picture.

How do I sum up this show then? Can I do it in one word? It has been a great start to the convention season and I feel the best big show I will attend this year…





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