Re-Watch the Creation Debate between Bill ‘The Science Guy’ Nye and Ken ‘Creationist’ Ham #creationdebate

Creation Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham

Creation Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham

I highly recommend watching the Creation Debate at the Creation Museum between Bill ‘The Science Guy” Nye and Ken “Creation Theory”  Ham. I was initial skeptical thinking the Bill was playing in the Ken’s and the Creation Museum hands by agreeing to this debate, and forwarding the creationist agenda.

But as the debate started, I started to live tweet on the #creationdebate hashtag. It became obvious that Bill came along open-minded and rational, and Ken closed his mind to any thought beyond ‘God did it’ as an answer – and at some points started to go into a rant about marriage should be between man and woman. Then insulted Christians who believe in God, but also in science, logic, facts and evolution by calling them not proper Christians (I kid you not.)

In short, it was an embarrassment for the Creationist movement. I will leave it to you to judge as I have the entire debate available for viewing after the jump.

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