Toy Review – Missed Modular Action Figure Kits Like the Stikfas? Then check out the ModiBot

Meet the ModibotDo you remember Stikfas? If you are a fan of the modular action figure kits you would have heard of them and maybe own a few – sadly Stikfas died an inglorious death and nothing has filled the void up since… But maybe… Just maybe the Modibot will.

Last week I talked about the Modibot brainchild of Ex-Xervoz Designers Wayne Losey and Tucker Johnson, well now I’ve got my hands on one.  The Modibot (Mo) modular action figure kit that you have to assemble and has a pop-lock joint assemble that gives it an amazing 14 points of articulation and a lot of flexibility.

Larry Stikfas and Super Yellow Assemble a Modibot

The Review

I found the Modibot (Mo) easy to snap together and it has a nice sturdy feel to it, it is significantly larger than other modular toys of its type, standing  good two inches taller than a Stikfas.

Super Yellow Modibot Hug

Super Yellow Modibot Hug

The plastic is good quality, and there is no visible stress marks on the joints which is hallmark of these type of action figures. The whole build feels nice and sturdy, the only thing I didn’t like is the skeleton feel of the figure and doesn’t have that classic figure feel of other types.

Along with the Mo I got the basic venture accessory kit of boot soles, knife, baseball cap, backpack, headphones and gun. All the accessories are made of the same plastic and slot into the convenient holes on the body – all the accessories have their unique scale so any plans to swap out with say… Stikfas bitz just don’t fit (and vice-a-versa) .

The Modibot (Mo) Struts Out

In all this is  good satisfying modular action figure kit, all the basics are there, it is solid, it poses and balances well. Other body types are available such as female and boy, and with its open-ended 3D print kit plan you can customize it as you see fit. It is a designer toy with endless possibilities and I give it.

Four Thumbs Up Out of Five

Go check them out, this action figure has huge potential. To learn more about the Modibots visit their website.

The Modibot takes a seat.

The Modibot takes a seat.

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