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PLB Comics BannerThe Creator Spotlight proudly welcomes PLB Comics, an Indie Comic Publisher from Maryland’s Eastern Shore. So, in their own words let’s take a look at what PLB Comics is all about.

PLB Comics - FallFirst of all I’d like to thank Nick Davis for the opportunity for me to talk about PLB Comics with all of you. I’m James Dufendach, Editor/Letterer/PR & Marketing/Grunt labor, and am one-third of the core PLB creative team. We are an independent publisher located on the Eastern Shore of MD, and we specialize in grittier titles, think cable TV after 9pm.

Our current main line titles include The Fall: Vengeance & Justice of which we just published the fifth issue, and Gideon and Sebastian: Predators & Prey whose third issue is currently in development. PLB also does a yearly Halloween special which features anthology style tales of terror.

Preview Page from the Fall

Preview Page from the Fall

The Fall, which is our main title, is a shoot ‘em up masked vigilante title on it’s face, but the physiological, and symbolic undertones are something we really hope strike a chord with our readers. We try to use the character of The Fall to expose the humanity of the supporting characters, and show that even in the jaded and broken world we paint, there is still hope and goodness, though it may come in surprising forms.

Preview Page from Gideon and Sebastian

Preview Page from Gideon and Sebastian

Gideon and Sebastian is our action, buddy cop, comedy, vampire slayer book. Doesn’t exactly fit on a marquee does it? But that is exactly what it is. We like to say it’s sort of like Lethal Weapon with vampires. Gideon and Sebastian are brought in together by the Vatican to hunt down the vampire menace, and they are very different personalities.

This of course gets you that odd couple comedy that makes this book so much fun. Though we really enjoy the comedic element in this book, there is a dark side of it as well. In Gideon and Sebastian the vampires are not cute and sparkly, they are monsters, they don’t want to be your pal, they want to eat you. And Gideon and Sebastian want to destroy them in the most gore-tastic ways possible.

Second Full-Time Job

So first off let me just say that we all have day jobs at PLB. Artist, writer and co-founder Josh Shockley works in the grants dept at UMES, Artist, writer and co-founder Mathew Shockley is a high school art teacher and I am a sound and telecom tech. PLB really is our second full-time job… with no paycheck. But that’s okay, we love doing this, we love creating the books we would like to see out there, and we have a growing and dedicated base of readers that very much inspire us to keep going.

We are so lucky to be able to continue to publish work, it can be hard, even daunting at times, but the payoff is worth it ten times over. When we put out a new book and people are excited, and just can’t wait to get a hold of it, that feeling is astounding.

Collaborative Work

PLB is a very collaborative place. We do just about everything in the team model, with everyone having input on all aspects from the original script, to the artwork, right down to the lettering. We are also very fortunate to have lots of contributing creators at PLB from all over the world. With their immense talents we are able to publish much more often than we could otherwise. Not only that, as I said we are very collaborative, and every time someone gets a hold of one of our characters and makes them their own, the PLB universe grows.

What is coming?

We have a few things on the horizon. Of course we will continue publishing The Fall and Gideon and Sebastian, as well as our annual, which is our Halloween special. The Fall in particular is about to go into a long-term story arc entitled Streets of Fire, which will see his war on crime gain some new soldiers and introduce new faces to the PLB universe.

We are also co-hosting a comic book, anime, video game, and all things geeky convention at UMES on April 5th. This will be our third year putting this together with UMES student group A.C.T.I.O.N Anime, and we are really looking forward to it. Last year we saw attendance swell to over 700, which is a little amazing for a genre con in our very small population area. And on top of all of this, we are considering bringing in some more science fiction elements, and tying some of that with the Gideon and Sebastian story line with a one-shot or two, but that is early in development yet. We like to stay busy.

As for upcoming events, we have a few of those as well. We’ll be at the Collector’s Corner Bel Air Grand Opening on Feb. 1st, First State Comic Con on June 29th, Baltimore Comic Con of course, and you can find us set up every third Friday of the month at Salisbury 3rd Fridays.

You can learn more about PLB Comics at

And about their Annual Convention – Eastern Shore Fan Con at

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