Toy Review – Captain America Marvel Superhero Masher Modular Action Figure

Captain America Marvel Superhero Masher Action FigureHasbro have released a rather cool looking range of modular toys called Marvel Superhero Mashers; these chunky action figures are based loosely on Sigma 6 toy tech and are for Ages four upwards. The idea being you can swap any body part between each figure making your own unique Superhero.

I picked up the Captain America Superhero Masher Action Figure and it looked so good I picked up a pair (one to box, one to play with), the review continues after the jump.

Upon opening my first impressions it is a chunky well made toy, with a nice stylized look to the action figure. The modular-pieces slot in nicely and give a nice reassuring click when they lock. Now I am used to modular action figures having a large degree of articulation up 15 points plus, in this case you are limited to 10 points and the joints (especially elbow) are really stiff and a young child will struggle posing the figure, and they may be potential snapping points.

Given this is a toy intended for preteens I thought the face sculpt was unnecessary mean looking and a little cross-eyed , this is minor compliant. In all this is a very nice little toy, it has a good feel to it and looks pretty durable. I am sure pieces will get lost as this is a nature of a modular toy made for preteens. I am very happy with it and this Cap has joined my collection. If you see your favorite Marvel Character in this Superhero Masher range I do suggest you pick it up, you wont be disappointed.

Four Thumbs Up out of Five

Captain America Superhero Masher Action Figure joins the collection.

Captain America Superhero Masher Action Figure joins the collection.


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