An Unexpected Audience + Cuddly Sketch = A Green Lantern Speed Drawing Challenge

An unexpected audience

Me at my drawing board – I don’t always have an audience…

This all happened very unexpectedly… I had a piece of paper, a pencil and was looking to wind down after a very long five-hour drive taking my kids home to their Mother. Before I knew if I had an unexpected audience of my Wife’s cousin/nieces and  they were surprised how fast I was putting the illustration together. So to show them just how fast I can push out a Cuddly Sketch (when I am on my A game)  I started a speed drawing challenge of 30 minutes…  Want to see how it all turned out?

Green Lantern Teddy Bear Hal Jordan

Green Lantern Teddy Bear Hal Jordan by Nick Davis

What happened next was an unexpected Green Lantern Cuddly Sketch Card illustration which took my approx 23 minutes. Check out the time stops in the Gallery below.

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