Adventures Ahead – my first-steps into painting on canvas

Adventure Ahead by Nick Davis

Adventure Ahead by Nick Davis

I have taken a chance and  tried my hand at working on a new medium. When I was last in AC Moore I picked up two 8×10 econo-canvas, I thought it was time to paint on a surface artists have used for centuries. 

I had this idea to paint the Cuddly Defenders stepping through a doorway and it would be in silhouette calling it ‘Adventure Ahead.’ It would represent the start of a journey into something amazing or something dark and dangerous. I would add a feeling of trepidation and optimism into the characters by using their body language to communicate the story.

With that ‘Adventure Ahead’ was born, and throughout the rest of the day in between the usually family stuff a painting slowly came to life. Beyond the storytelling element I found the biggest challenge was representing the light on the far wall and bringing a rounded 3D feel to the Cuddly Defenders.

I used a mix of acrylic paint and a linotype black ink (because I found I had no black acrylic). Painting directly onto the canvas after prepping it with a wash of white was interesting, the surface is bouncy and textured – it was not to different to working with watercolor paper. Except I could use effects like washing and drybrushing.

The photos below represent the process I went through, I still have one canvas left to work with I will wait until inspiration strikes for that one.

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