What is the Fight-Dice Combat System?

Fight DiceFight-DiceTM Rapid Action Dice Combat System is a tabletop game I invented allowing you to take any Action Figure you wanted and fight a duel with another Action Figure.

I play tested it to death and put together something that kinda worked. It was a perfect fit for the modular action figures that were around at the time such as Stikfas and Xervoz, and now would work well with the Modibots range.

I put feelers out to try to get the game picked up by a Game company, I got a Toy Agent interested and he got us a pitch meeting with a company up in New Jersey.

So Fight-DiceTM was pitched to Endless Games on a warm Winters day deep in the heart of New Jersey, and did receive some interest. Sadly as my luck goes it was right when the recession hit and the game itself was component wise very expensive to produce, so it was never picked up.

Oh so close, eh?

I shopped it around for a while, but never came as close as that day at Endless Games.

For the last few years I kept it offline as I refined it, but after the renewed interest in my Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System. I thought I would release a version of  Fight-DiceTM for free on the internet for you all to enjoy.

Please visit the new website to learn more about the Fight-DiceTM Rapid Action Dice Combat system.

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