Reintroducing The Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System (MSGBS) For Tabletop Wargaming

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle SystemI originally wrote the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System (MSGBS) Rules-Plugin for using Mobile Suits and Gundam’s way back in 2001.

I was inspired by the Gundam Anime series which I had recently discovered thanks to Cartoon Networks Toonami block – namely the Mobile Suit 08 Team OVA and I have a love of giant mecha from my Battletech days.

Over the last few months there has been a renewed interest in the MSGBS, so I thought this would be a great time to reintroduce this fun Rules-Plugin.

Initially I used the popular Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K) rules system as the games background and it rather clumsily worked. The game gained some popularity and it was fun using Mobile Suit In Action (MSIA) figures and war-gaming with them. I built a website out of now old-school HTML/frames and over the next three years I fleshed out the rules, scenarios, some gaming supplements and put together rules so you could take your Mobile Suits into space.

Life events took over and I abandoned the Rules Plugin – although I left it online for people to use.

In 2006 I returned to the MSGBS and reinvented it using the Lord of the Rings Strategy Game (LOTRSG) as the mechanic. The Rules Plugin was less clunky and the emphasis turned back onto the Pilots away from the hardware. It felt more like the anime when you played it on the wargaming table.

I was satisfied although I had no time to develop it beyond the ground fighting part of the system. I left what I had worked on the website and moved on. At some point the website became inaccessible due to a cron job redirect I set up, but with renewed interest I investigated why the website was unreachable, fixed the issue, linked it to my main websites and left it for Gundam fans to rediscover.

The website is exactly how I left it in 2006, all clunky code and frames, I don’t see much point in updating as the Plugins can be found fairly easily. Although the MSGBS WH40K and LOTRSG Rules-Plugin are far from polished they give an enjoyable gaming experience (although the LOTRSG based Plugin plays better) share the work and please enjoy.

You can learn more about the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System here.

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