The Last Alan Moore Interview on Slovobooks

Comic Creator Alan MooreThe Alan Moore interview on Slovobooks was published on January 9, the interviewer was trying to talk about some of the darker sexual elements of Alan Moore’s books, and while that was addressed – it didn’t really shed any light on why these elements always pop up in Moore’s work. I think he still stuck in deconstruct mode.

As this was a write in question interview, Mr Moore starts going on at length onto other subjects directly attacking the UK Newspaper Independent for revealing a plot point in the next League of Extraordinary Gentleman, has a long diatribe about Grant Morrison (Moore really does not like him), and takes a few swipes at old publishers (is there any publisher than Alan Moore has not got hacked off at?), and more finger poking at the fans that read his books – he really is an odd duck.

Anyhow you can read the full interview here, it is very, very long, convoluted and contradicts itself here and there, but it is worth the read.

DR and QuinchStill no news if we are ever going to see the Ballad of Halo Jones complete and I for one am still holding out for more DR and Quinch. Enjoy 😉

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