Surviving a Trip around the Sun a Slightly Foggy Look Back at 2013

Over the Hedge Cartoon StripGosh, the year is almost run and as I sit here to write my year in review there is only 2 Calender days left until 2014 starts its long march. Since most of you are still with me it appears we’ve largely survived our yearly trip around the sun, it is that time I review (rather hazily) the last years events. See you after the jump.

Now how did 2013 start for me? Professionally I was stuck in a job that promised to be one thing and turned out to be something very different. Now I try in every working position I find myself in to learn what I can from my Managers/Supervisors in this case I learned what not to do. The job had great prospects and the potential was there for something great it never really was going to happen with the Manager I had running the show. Thankfully, I’ve managed to change that and now working hard to make a difference in a company that appreciates the effort, and not belittle it.

On a personal level the start of the year was rather mixed up and I wont replay events here why it was. If you have the time and patience to shift through my tweets and posts you might guess why. Things are a lot clearer now, just the courage to stay the course has to remain.

The biggest event for me this year was finally getting my unconditional Green Card, a very important document that means I could remain with my family in the USA and no longer have to go through the gut-wrenching ordeal of waiting for my Employment Authorization Document to be renewed. To finally have it my hands on my Green Card, after years of fighting for it was a surreal moment. I had come so close to being deported in 2012 and now to finally have the official right to build my life in the USA elevated me. It gave me relief and was the start of the upturn of the year for me.

Other events of this year include getting in a minor Twitter skirmish with Adam Baldwin, writing my first comic book with Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders, meeting Jim Cummings and finally replacing the radiator on my Jeep. Yeah… Big  earth shattering stuff, eh?

I mean it has been a great year for space exploration, a large rock falling from the sky,  an asteroid near miss, we’ve seen an increase in extreme weather, the sad death of actors and sports heroes, revolutions turn in on themselves, and a new Doctor on Doctor Who. And these are just worldwide events off the top of my head of this years events which are far more spectacular than mine… but I do live a fairly ordinary life, my world is not as global as some and revolves around a handful of people. I am lucky to have the talent enough to write stories that are gaining popularity and enough ability with a pencil to be able to illustrate some of those words (over 150+ pieces of Teddy Bear themed art). I am far from good, but at times I am able to glimpse at a little wonder.

I’ve also stood in front of a classroom of children to talk about the joy of storytelling, moderated a panel on comic book writing, volunteered to run an art camp, taught my son and daughter how to draw, told fairy tales and wrote a comic.

So… What else has this year held for me? I’ve seen my kids get a year older and wiser, seeing them grow over the year has been amazing. I forget how much I am blessed by them and reminded how hard it is to not have them around. This I feel will have to change.

I am so sure so much more has happened, but my addled memory cannot recall it.  I have to say 2013 has been very much a rebuilding year for me, a spring-board onto bigger things (I hope) in 2014.

t will be impossible to predict what is to come, I know I would like to see the Teddy Bear Tales to gain some significant traction next year, that I would like to finish my latest arc with the Wonder Tales, and maybe, just maybe finish the first draft on my Legends story.  Along the way improve my illustration skills and provide better for my family. All little things, and with things with the future it is possible.

Now though we have come to the end of the year, a new one approaches, a new journey around the sun is about to begin. New stories are to be told, new adventures and a undiscovered country ahead to find them in.

I wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous new year…

Now hold on tight because here we go…

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